Ghurak's Wall

Ghurak’s Wall

Approaching the wall.

If you are using an existing road and approaching from the south, Ghurak’s wall is will come into sight relatively early. In frosted areas, the woods have been cleared to a small extent to the south, and to a greater extent to the north.

Construction of the wall – the wall forms a border that stretches 60 miles between the two mountain ranges that encircle the Prydain lands. It is actively patrolled by Khalisi, both afoot and mounted patrols. Its width and height is dependent on the construction materials which were available nearby. The walls height varies between 11ft at it’s lowest and 20ft at it’s greatest height, not counting the ditches

Passing through the wall.

Khalisi check points.

If you wish to pass through a Khakisi checkpoint, you may do so. A successful roll against Area Knowledge (Khalisi) will let a player know that they will require valid travel credeens to pass through a Khalisi checkpoint legitimately. Non Khalisi will be harassed. (Khalisi hate checkpoint duty, and are all to ready to take that boredom and irritation out on non-Khalisi.)

Crossing the wall.

It an be done without a great deal of difficultly by small groups of people, not carrying lae amounts of equipment.

Ghurak's Wall

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