A GURPS™ Fantasy/Adventure Campaign set in TL1-2 (Late Bronze/Early Iron Age)

About the Campaign.

If you are reading this, you most likely have been invited to this campaign. This is a campaign for 3-7 players, with ages ranging from 10-18.

This campaign is set in a fantastic world, but based strongly on historical societies, myths and legends. (Starting with those of the Irish/Scot Celts & Ancient Greeks)). If you are in the invited group, it also means that your characters will be starting out in the 80-point range.

As noted above, TL1 (Bronze Age) is the predominant level of technology of the campaign. This means pre-medieval, so you’ll not be seeing Knights in shining armor.

Keep in mind, as you play – this is a dangerous world, your characters are actually at risk. Combat can be very dangerous, especially for characters who are are not experienced warriors.


Creating Your Character

House Rules

Gwillych Y Hellene

Celtic warriors garments